Alle on kopioitu palautteita aiemmista projekteista. Tutustu toimeksiantoihin ja suositusten antajiin tarkemmin LinkedInissä.

"Mikko is an excellent super energetic project manager and problem solver especially in the IT integration. 

He was put in charge of creating a new system integrating data from multiple existing systems and data sources. He managed project energetically and super efficiently. He navigated and searched thru the organisation and history of the systems like a ferret. He relentlessly and efficiently found the answers to the details needed and designed and built the new system with the right people. He kept all the stakeholders informed about the status constantly with just the right level of detail.

Since the project was done - me and my colleagues have several times said when finding complex IT integration project issue - "We know just the guy who can solve this - it would be Mikko"

It was joy to work with Mikko." 

"Työskentelimme Mikon kanssa samalla asiakkaalla vaatimustenhallintajärjetelmän määrittelyn, käyttöönoton ja käyttäjäkoulutusten parissa. Mikko on positiivinen ja tehokas IT-ammattilainen. Mikolla on can do -asenne ja hän löytää nopeasti ratkaisun asiakkaiden haasteisiin." 

"Mikko toimi yrityksemme Odoo ERP käyttöönottoprojektissa projektipäällikkönä ja avainkonsulttina. Mikko on nopea omaksumaan ja hahmottamaan monimutkaisiakin prosesseja.

Mikko on sekä äärimmäisen sitoutunut että innostunut ratkaisemaan asiakkaan ongelmat. Kun otetaan huomioon miehen positiivinen asenne ja puhettakin nopeampi ajatuksenjuoksu, on Mikko oikea mies mihin tahansa business-ymmärrystä vaativaan softaprojektiin. 

Työllistämme Mikkoa mieluusti myös tulevaisuudessa!" 

"Mikko was instrumental in helping us transfer our application to a totally new platform, Aras Innovator. A fast learner, Mikko puts extra effort in understanding both technical and business requirements and delivers high quality work under schedule pressure. I can highly recommend!"

"Mikko is a high energy person that gets things before DL and with exceptional quality. As a fast learner, and an expert of several fields in IT he can take on any assignment and provide quick wins for any project. I would hire Mikko in the future anytime."

"Mikko is one of those persons that takes what is at hand and just works very hard and produces results quickly. A persistent and professional person with exellent energy to tackle any problem. As an example Mikko was able to create a way to do resource allocation simulation on a system that didn't really support it at the time. This was very important to us since we would have otherwise needed to have multiple systems which would have killed our process. Mikko is very pragmatic and has the ability to reduce a larger problem into smaller ones that can actually be solved very quickly. I would recommend Mikko for any position/task he sees he can handle."

"Mikko is innovative, action oriented, open and honest professional who gets things done. Mikko is also execellent in networking and he is customer oriented. Great guy to work with."

"Mikko is extremely efficient professional who is able to achieve results quickly and with good results. He is also very good using the iterative approach and collaborating with people to collect ideas and feedback towards the final solution. I can whole-heartedly recommend Mikko to any challenge!"

"I have worked together with Mikko Salmela in several projects. Mikko works very professionally and effectively with complex technical and process-related challenges. He is quick, innovative, competent and active person who makes solution proposals and takes action points to clarify any topic needed. As a person he is honest and has positive attitude. 

I could recommend Mikko for many kind of development projects!"

"Mikko Salmela has been working for my area several months in couple of different times as project manager and process developer. Mikko is very results-oriented and innovative. He comes up with lots of ideas and can quickly analyze the weaknesses and strengths out of those alternatives and suggest the best possible way forward.

Mikko has deep technical competence in tools used in our area. He is extremely quick learner and will make sure he can take most out of the solutions we have available. On the other hand, he is a great process developer, who can simplify complex activity flows and clarify each role’s responsibilities and suggest improvements. 

Mikko can work under extreme pressure and when there is un-clarity, what exactly is needed and how to solve a problem. He always takes his responsibility seriously and gets along well with different types of people. Mikko also willingly supports colleagues and peers. 

I can highly recommend Mikko for any kind of development or high-pressure projects, would work with him any day!" 

"Simply put - Mikko is "the man to do the job". Excellent communication and "negotiation" skills with good attitude to make things "ok" for everyone, not driving only personal agendas.

Solid Pro what comes to project and service management and very self driven mode of work. Mikko can grasp a simple assingment like: "Roll out the service model to this community" --> he'll make it happen. 

Frank and honest guy with positive view of world and people. I more than liked the time with Mikko - sad that it ended up so short, though. 

AAA+ credit rating for Mikko! :)"  

"When working with Mikko in the ITSM process development project of ComplIT Oy Mikko showed impressive knowhow on Project Management and ITIL / Service Management. Mikko's open and communcative mindset made the project really to rock."

"Mikko is hard-working and business-minded, always looking for ways to generate new business and develop and improve existing services."

"Mikko is honest,discipline and fast performer. He is also a very warm personality. We have met many time after he left my team and our rapport is excellent. It is my pleasure to know Mikko. Mikko is trustworthy."